Cleaner Restorer


Cleans and restores all finishes and brightens old and neglected timber surfaces and finishes. Cleaner restorer can be safely used on the most delicate finishes including French polish. Cleaner restorer has a mild etching effect for removing oxidised finish, dirt and built up wax and grime and contains organic plant oils to assist with scratch prevention. Easy and fast to apply with remarkable results Cleaner Restorer is ideal for all your timber and restoration needs.

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Shake contents well until an even colour forms.
Using a clean, lint free, cotton cloth, apply sparingly in the direction of the grain, working small areas at a time. Leave for approximately one minute and remove with a clean cloth. Ideal for French Polish.
Fine steel wool (taking care not to leave fragments in the finish) may be used with Cleaner Restorer to remove heavy build up and wax. Follow with Lincoln Furniture Wax.