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The finest deserves the best... Naturally!

Proven Results

Since 1977 Constantia have been creating some of the world’s finest furniture. Each piece is finished using the Constantia Organic Finishes range. The organic finishes are non-toxic, delightfully easy to use, provide the greatest enhancement of colour and figure and ensure the longest last of all products trialled over 45 years.

World-class Craftsmen

Constantia was selected to design and build the Central Table & Hansard Desk in Australia’s New Parliament House. These magnificently handcrafted pieces of furniture and other items in the house are finished and maintained with Constantia Organic Finishes.

Australia-wide Delivery

Constantia Organic Finishing products are available to order online, we can deliver them to you anywhere in Australia. With over 45 years of experience we offer the best advisory in the business and welcome all inquiries as well.

The toughest, longest lasting protection for interior & exterior timber surfaces.

Statement of Intent

I could argue that there was an element of luck in the fact that the only inheritance from my father was a moderately sized but immaculately kept box of hand wood working tools, and secondly, a burning passion to continue an unspoken tradition and love for things beautifully and well made.

As one who loves his craft, the most deserving study is the one that deals with the phenomenon of woodworking. It is one of those long lived occupations whose purpose until recent times has found itself best in gathering and reshaping people’s minds and souls, to make nobility of them. Not by eugenics, or by blood, but by the spirit. The art side of craft comprehends only the esoteric side and does so predominantly as the image of an ongoing, changing and yet rhythmic process. The enactment, the actual making of end object manifests the physical reality with respect to the constraints made on us by our chosen medium, in this case wood. Artists, however, must hang onto their adolescence in the belief of someday growing up. One may resist this tyranny, but in the end the cost is an inability to create. Constantia was for me, although unconsciously at the time, an acceptance of this yoke.

My current aspiration is to share in the harmony, to come closer to the natural creative law that surrounds us, to carry the meditation process that follows each creative decision to the final choice and arrangement of the medium. I am attempting to create a place where in a few hearts and heads, the development, modification, advances and confrontations of our phenomenon can take place with the spirit of our age and in the various disciplines. A new adventure in freedom and dignity, a new flexibility in function and design. These are all current aspirations. As opposed to a single talent being driven to concentrate on a speciality, the nature of my business rather aims at integration, synthesis and universality. To date there seems to me more freedom in this discipline.

Bernhard Koker
October 1977

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Don't just take our word for it...

Here is just some of what our valued clients have had to say about Constantia and our products.
I believe that the Chinese Wood Oil is probably the best natural oil that I have ever used. For at least two decades I have used Constantia products and the results have been exceptional. For heavy utility areas such as timber kitchen bench tops there isn’t anything better. Not only is the surface impenetrable, it looks terrific also.

George Giannis

Internationally acclaimed Artist, Fine Arts Restorer and French Polisher, Melbourne Victoria.
Everything that has been created in nature has proportion, ratios, harmony and balance. The very essence of beauty and perfection. These are the principles that are used by Bernie and Summer Koker at Constantia. The magnificence and perfection of their timber creations is unsurpassed. I have been using their incredible products in my furniture restorations for over 40 years with complete satisfaction.

Joseph Garreffa

Restorer of Fine Art, Artifacts, Instruments and Furniture, Norton Summit, South Australia
My students often choose to use Chinese Wood Oil on their quality timber projects. Of course, the beautiful look and feel of the finished job is the main factor in their decision but also the ease of application and its low toxicity makes the job easier for all of us! Over the years, Summer has been extremely helpful in providing advice to my students and me regarding the range of excellent finishes and their application methods. Constantia is a great company to deal with for top quality and impeccable service.

Gavin Hammond

Design & Technology Teacher, Tumby Bay Area School, Tumby Bay, South Australia
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