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Gorgeous craftsmanship. Great part of local community.
Nicole & Benji Callen
Amazing work. Detail to finishing was mind blowing.
Drew Adams
Fascinating tour – informative and interesting.
Alison & Ian Haddy
Amazing furniture and history.
Pat Les & Vicky Taylor
Thank you – a credit to your skill and knowledge.
Julia & Martyn Flayel
Such a skill – a talent to be recognised nationally!
Gavin & Joy Fox
I have used Constantia finishes throughout my boat. The products are pleasant and easy to use and have held up well against the elements. Maintenance is minimal.
Keith Daniels
Master Builder
I have been using Chinese Wood oil and Red oil for over 21 years. The wood oil is easy to use and gives an enduring natural finish to the timber. I often use red oil as a first coat to enhance the grain. When pieces need a touch up over time I rub them over with very fine steel wool and then re-apply the required coats of Chinese Wood oil.
Doris Lush
I remember my father using Constantia products on all his woodwork projects when I was a child. They were always a brilliant product and gave a beautiful long lasting finish to the timber he used. I still have some of those items and they look and feel as good as new. I was so pleased to hear that Constantia was still in business after all these years when I was looking for a product to give new life to some of my furniture. I would highly recommend the Constantia name and product for all timber items.
Christine Tuckwell
Furniture Restorer
I have been restoring furniture as a hobby for many years and am delighted with Constantia products. They are easy to use, non-toxic and enhance the natural beauty of timber old and new. Summer is happy to share her knowledge of products, her experience and advice. Constantia provide prompt, friendly service.
Marg Perry
Furniture Restorer
My students often choose to use Chinese Wood Oil on their quality timber projects. Of course, the beautiful look and feel of the finished job is the main factor in their decision but also the ease of application and its low toxicity makes the job easier for all of us! Over the years, Summer has been extremely helpful in providing advice to my students and me regarding the range of excellent finishes and their application methods. Constantia is a great company to deal with for top quality and impeccable service.
Gavin Hammond
Design & Technology Teacher, Tumby Bay Area School
We have been using the Chinese oil on the steel and timber on our boats for over 13 years. It is the most durable product we have found against the sea and salt air and the easiest to maintain.
Flinders Ports
Flinders Ports
Everything that has been created in nature has proportion, ratios, harmony and balance. The very essence of beauty and perfection. These are the principles that are used by Bernie and Summer Koker at Constantia. The magnificence and perfection of their timber creations is unsurpassed. I have been using their incredible products in my furniture restorations for over 40 years with complete satisfaction.
Joseph Garreffa
Restorer of Fine Art, Artifacts, Instruments and Furniture
I believe that the Chinese Wood Oil is probably the best natural oil that I have ever used. For at least two decades I have used Constantia products and the results have been exceptional. For heavy utility areas such as timber kitchen bench tops there isn’t anything better. Not only is the surface impenetrable, it looks terrific also.
George Giannis
Internationally acclaimed Artist, Fine Arts Restorer and French Polisher
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